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Astrology and kundalini yoga books

Girijakumaran Astrological Research Foundation publishes books on astrology and kundalini yoga. The main idea is to help the students as well as researchers to learn more and do research on these subjects. Astrology and kundalini yoga are the ancient practices followed by the sanyasis and maha rishis of primitive India. Our foundation’s mission is to teach the modern generation about the importance and significance of these subjects, through our publications. We have published more than 35 books on astrology and 25 books on kundalini yoga and upanishad. 


Astrology Books- Jyothisha margadarshi 7 volumes and 30 other subjects on astrology.

  • Jathaka ganitham
  • Rashi Graham Bhavam
  • Bhavachintha 1
  • Bhavachintha 2
  • Muhurtha ganitham
  • Prashna chintha
  • Chodyam Utharam
  • Jyothisha yoga manjari
  • Vivaham viraham
  • Ayuss ganithavum chinthayum
  • Sthree purusha samayogam
  • Jyothisha parichayam
  • Vivaha yogam
  • Jyothisha slokamanjari
  • Jyothisha prasnamala
  • Shadpanchashika
  • Swarayogam

  • Deva prashnam
  • Jathaka chandrika
  • Santhana deepika
  • Prashna thanthram
  • Prashna jnanam
  • Jathakalankaram
  • Bhava niroopanam
  • Daivanukoolyam
  • Keraliya prashna thathvam
  • Horamrutham 1
  • Horamrutham 2
  • Bhrigu soothram
  • Chamathkara chinthamani
  • Prashnavaishnavam

Kundalini Yoga – Upanishad Books

  • Yoga choodamani upanishad
  • Thanthra sadhana praveshika
  • Yogakundalinyupanishad
  • Shiva samhitha
  • Thanthrika reiki
  • Atheenthriya dhyanayogam
  • Jeevitha vijayam
  • Japala darshanopanishad
  • Chidakasha geetha
  • Thanthrika dhyanam


  • Njnana soothram- Shivayoga njnanam
  • Dhyanam
  • Brahmanjnanadarshanam, manthrajapam
  • Samadhi
  • Siddhar darshanam
  • Pathu maha dhyanangal
  • Thirumanthra njnanam
  • Ashtanga yogam
  • Njnanapooja vidhi
  • Veerasimhavalokanam (vaidyam)

Other Books

  • Purathana bharatham B.C 1500 (History)
  • Sthreepurusha samayogam


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