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Astrology is a science of time. It investigates into the influences of time. It throws light on the dark recesses of the gloomy future. It attempts to foretell the future history of man, the fates of nations, empires, kingdoms, wars, revolutions, earthquakes, storms, and other terrestrial phenomena. it tells all these things not by vague guesses or gesticulations but on the adamantine basis of pure mathematical calculations. By observations, by inductions the astrologer has actually found a correspondence between the movement of planets and the events in the life of each individual and this assertion can be tested in a comparatively brief investigation by any intelligent person.

Ancient Maha Rishies and Siddhas were the masters in every branch of knowledge, as also in astrology. They acquired and possessed accurate, dependable and comprehensive instrument with which to observe natural phenomena, a fourth dimensional consciousness called special yoga. This yoga enabled them to note, to measure, to weigh and to classify all the facts concerning the universe without the aid of micometers and telescopes. They measured infinitesimal units of time,space etc. better than modern science could do. The Maha Rishis applied all their knowledge to the material benefits and above all to the spiritual welfare of man.

The entire fabric of astrology rests on the broad principle of evolution in time. all the mineral, vegetable, animals all have a basis of 5 elements (pancha bhootha) such as fire, earth, air, water and space(aakasam). A scientific investigation of time gives us a clue to attempt for future predictions. With the basis of time, a function when the results deducted by a series of astronomical observations are applied. The question will be answered.

Astrology is a science which records the influence of planets on the terrestrial phenomena.

Jathaka(Future life complete)

The Hindu astrologer believes that men’s actions in the world have a long tie with his moral principles. Also those actions in which the man involves are because of the ‘punya’ (good) and ‘papa’ (bad) carried by him from his past life and from his ancestors. This all continues with it’s good and bad in the last life.A complete check up of the planets positions at birth reveals the future events in the man’s life. Naturally, the reflections of the happening, how far it will go, and the results etc. can be calculated with the help of ‘dasa’ (period of certain times) calculations.

Horary Astrology (Prashna- queries answered)

In the same method an answer can be made for a question. The planets position reveals the running experiences and the final results, good or bad. Horary astrology is the most important branch of the three divisions of the astrological science, the other two being jathaka (predictive astrology) and muhurtha (electional astrology). It takes the basis of predicting future events as in the horoscopes or jathaka, set the planets positions at the time of query. A question is a birth time of an intention or desire in the mind of the questionnaire(querent) . The question should be seriously put and the answer should be seriuosly taken by the astrologer, the earnestly desired, to get a correct answer. Any question without seriousness and or with mischievous intention should not be answered. Horary astrology is the art of perceiving the relation between the thoughts, it arises in the mind and the pattern of planets etc. at that moment. This gives a clue for forecasting an event. Hence horary astrology is the most practical and useful branch of knowledge.

Muhurtha (Electional Astrology)

To begin any good event in a good time helps to continue it’s function for a long time. Planets positions always do not go for good but also for bad. Therefore good planets positions has to be opted for good events such as marriage, human congress for a good child, purchase of a land for housing, construction of a house, begin livelihood in a house etc. The election of a good planet position for good events is called ‘muhurtha’ .