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Girijakumaran Astrological Research Foundation

Girijakumaran astrological research foundation is constituted to conduct scientific and theoretical research on astrology and kundalini yoga. Our aim is to encourage and promote these ancient and traditional practices, in this modern era. We assist, promote and aid institutions, research centers, schools and colleges for undertaking studies.
The foundation also aims to educate, impart advanced training to students of astrology and kundalini yoga in specialized fields of interest, through our publications.
Apart from studies and research, we offer various astrology services like horoscope, prashna, muhurtha and vasthu shasthra for those who are interested to follow the age old traditions or to find solutions to unanswered mysteries of life.

Choose the right path

Let the stars guide you to choose your path. Astrology reveals the will of the gods.

Energize your soul

Your mind is your energy. Learn to regulate it, to experience and energize your soul.

Our History

Girijakumaran Astrological Research Foundation (GARF) was established by the astrologer and yogi, Sri. K.K Janardhanakurup, in 1995 as a trust for research and studies on astrology. In the year 2007, for the studies and research on kundalini yoga-' Institute for Holistic Sciences' was established by him.
A quarterly magazine called 'Ksheerapadham' was published in the year 2001. Ksheerapadham is an astrology and yoga magazine, which discusses the various topics on astrology and yoga, by the experts.


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More About Us

Astrology Services

Our expert astrologer K.K Janardhanakurup, who mastered the subject of astrology, with over 30 years of experience, offers various services in astrology.

  • Horoscope (Jathaka- future complete life)
  • Horary Astrology (Prashna- Queries answered)
  • Muhurtha (Electional Astrology)

Kundalini Yoga

Yogi K.K Janardhana Kurup has 26+ years of experience in Kundalini yoga. He gives the deeksha according to the Tamil Siddha tradition and according to the text 'Kundalini Thanthram' written by him.


Girijakumaran astrological research foundation publishes kundalini yoga and astrological texts and studies regularly for the last 30 years, and has published 37 books on astrology and 26 books on kundalini thantra. Also published 12 books on various subjects such as sthothras, neethi grandhas, thanthras and history of India from BC 2000. These are highly welcomed by the astrrologers, yogis andd others.
Astrological books aim to increase the capacity to predict correctly.
Yoga books aim to increase the athindriya power of yogis and increase spiritual consciousness in them.

Ksheerapadham- Quaterly Magazine

The astrological quarterly magazine 'Ksheerapadham' is registered under the registrar of newspapers wide RNI KERMAL 2001/5952 and is being regularly published from 2001 January on wards. By the end of March 2020, 78 volumes have been published. The magazine aims to increase the capacity of astrologers for correct and specified prognostication. Ksheerapadham has regular subscribers who take the subject as very serious and not for casual reading. The magazine has become an authenticated one in the astrologer circles.

Siddha Tradition on Meditation

Yogis from various parts of India come to guru Janardhanakurup and receive manthra deeksha, kundalini deeksha,practice yoga,meditation and manthra japa in his presence and achieve as a good saddhaka.

Research Works on Siddha Medicines

Research works are done on astrology, kundalini yoga, and also in siddha medicines such as kayakalpayoga moolika and panchakalpayoga moolika of great siddhar Goreknath, chathukalpayoga moolika of great siddhar Thiru Moola Nathar and various moolikas of great siddhar Bhoga Nathar. Some traditional medicines Swetha musliadi choornam, Dhwajodharini choornam, Vilwa Panchnga Jeerakadi choornam, Vacha vilwadi choornam are also in the research.