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Various astrology services like horoscope, horary astrology (Prashna) and muhurtha (electional astrology). Vasthu shasthra and birthstones.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga involves yoga practices,pranayama, deeksha of various mantras, energizing spiritual chakras and awakening of Kundalini.

Reiki Healing

Energy healing- a form of alternative medicine. The practitioner transfers universal energy through his palms to the patients, in order to encourage emotional and physical healing.


Basic and advanced books on astrology to help beginners as well as experts. Kundalini yoga books to imrove the psychic power of yogis and improve their spiritual consciousness.

Our Mission and Vision

Girijakumaran astrological research foundation is constituted to satisfy the objects given, which may extend to the whole of India and outside.
The objects of our foundation are - to conduct scientific and theoretical research on astrology, kundalini yoga to encourage and promote them. To assist, promote and aid institutions, research centers, schools and colleges for undertaking studies.
The foundation also aims to educate, impart advanced training to students of astrology and kundalini yoga in specialized fields of interest.
We also aim to improve and assist research study, conduct seminars, courses,workshops and other productive and creative pursuits in the advancement of education with special emphasis to establish prizes, awards and grants for study.


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Your Path Is Illuminated By The Road-map of stars.

Astrology is a science of time. It investigates into the influences of time. It throws light on the dark recesses of the gloomy future. It attempts to foretell the future history of man, the fates of nations, empires, kingdoms, wars, revolutions, earthquakes, storms and other terrestrial phenomena. Astrology tells all these things not by vague guesses or gesticulations, but on the adamantine basis of pure mathematical calculations. By observations, by inductions the astrologer has actually found a correspondence between the movement of planets and the events in the life of each individual and this assertion can be tested in a comparatively brief investigation by any intelligent person.

A scientific investigation of time gives us a clue to attempt for future predictions. With the basis of time function when the results deducted by a series of astronomical observations are applied the question will be answered. Astrology is a science which records the influence of planets on the terrestrial phenomena.

Meet The Founder

K K Janardhanakurup astrologer,yogi, reiki healer and the author of astrology and kundalini yoga books.

“There is no better boat than horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life." - Varaha Mihira

Our Services

Horoscope [Future complete life]

A complete check up of the planets positions at birth, reveals the future events in a man's life.

Horary Astrology [Prashna-Queries answered]

The planets positions reveal the running experiences and the final results, good or bad.

Muhurtha [Electional Astrology]

To begin any good event at a good time, helps to continue it's function for a long time.

Kundalini Yoga and Manthra Deeksha

Kundalini yoga is an art of arising the kundalini force from the root chakra (mooladhara), through the sushumna nadi, to the sahasrara chakra(top of the head).